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AI Risks for Startups and Investors: Legal, Financial, and Technical Perspectives

Are you ready to explore the cutting-edge world of AI risks and their impact on startups and investors? Join us for a transformative webinar where industry experts will delve deep into the legal, financial, and technical dimensions of AI challenges and opportunities.


The Most Discussed Topic of 2023

“Anyone who thinks there are no risks in AI is foolish (…) AI is more dangerous than a mismanaged aircraft project or the production of a poorly made car, as it then has the potential to destroy civilization, even if that probability is small.”

Elon Musk, CEO and CTO of SpaceX.

“Google and Microsoft Race to Unveil AI-Based Search, but both Bard and Bing Chat stumble out of the gate.”

IEEE Spectrum, 2023

“What we all must do is ensure that we’re using artificial intelligence in a way that benefits humanity, rather than diminishes it.”

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple since 2011

Event Highlights

Learn from Industry Leaders

Tap into insights from experts who’ve shaped the AI landscape and gain actionable insights to drive your AI initiatives forward.

Navigate AI Challenges

Equip yourself with practical approaches to address AI’s legal, financial, and technical challenges, empowering informed decisions for startup founders and investors.

Seize Investment Opportunities

Uncover how AI and entrepreneurship converge to shape the future of business, and discover tools to capitalize on these opportunities.

Start Your Journey

Leverage AI risks for growth in a discussion that explores its nuances, challenges, and potential, and unlock future possibilities in the dynamic world of artificial intelligence.

Featured Speakers

Don Samoil

Managing Partner at Trusted Scale

With over 25 years of startup expertise, Don has advised innovative ventures across continents.

Robert Kost

President & Lead Attorney at General Counsel Online

A seasoned lawyer and tech entrepreneur, Robert bridges the gap between law and innovation.

Helio Pereira

Head of Business Development at BIX Tech

Head of Business Development at BIX Tech, Helio drives growth with AI and big data.

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