Data Engineering Solution

Customer Base: Data Modeling for high performance

The case

A major retail chain has recently acquired several brands, and as a result, multiple customer databases are now stored in their CRM tool. Unfortunately, due to the lack of integration between these databases, the company has been unable to effectively deliver marketing emails, news, and promotions to its customers. Furthermore, without data field validation, there is no guarantee that the information being sent to customers is accurate or up-to-date. 

Given these challenges, we recognized the need to develop a comprehensive solution that would enable us to effectively map and integrate all of the disparate databases, identify the correct sources of customer information, and ensure that every customer receives a consistent and personalized experience. By consolidating all of this information into a single, standardized database, we can not only streamline our marketing efforts but also ensure that we maintain accurate and up-to-date information about our customers at all times.

The solution

The application in question boasts a suite of impressive characteristics, including an automated data pipeline that feeds into a robust data lake containing both raw and treated data. This sophisticated architecture enables various business areas to access and utilize the treated data via Qlik or within the CRM. 

With an agnostic and scalable structure, thanks to its cutting-edge serverless processing capabilities, this pipeline represents a significant technological advancement that promises to unlock new efficiencies and insights for any organization lucky enough to implement it. 

Main results

By standardizing all of its data sources into a single, comprehensive database, this organization has successfully optimized its data management and analysis capabilities. With a whopping 3 million emails now integrated into the database, the organization has also achieved a new level of automation reliability that promises to drive significant benefits for its operations.

Indeed, thanks to this innovative approach, the organization has already realized a remarkable 5.5% increase in the number of valid emails, representing a major win for its marketing and communications efforts. With data now more centralized, accessible, and accurate than ever before, this organization is well-positioned to unlock new insights, streamline its operations, and drive even more impressive results in the months and years ahead.

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