Data Engenieer Solution

Data Engineer Outsourcing: Allocation of specialists for strategic projects for outsourcing

The case

A well-established e-commerce market intelligence firm faced a challenge in maintaining its existing system, which had a detrimental impact on its sales of reports and customer service quality. To remedy this situation, they sought out experienced professionals in the fields of Data Engineering and SQL Server infrastructure. Our consultancy services, staffed with highly skilled specialists, provided an efficient solution, saving the company valuable time and resources typically required for recruitment.

The solution

The main distinguishing feature of the project is that it adopts an open-ended approach, readily accommodating solutions that suit the company’s requirements as they emerge. Weekly alignment meetings facilitate this process, enabling our consultants to employ agile methodologies in close collaboration with the client. By identifying and addressing the most critical and strategic business demands, our consultants deliver optimal outcomes for the project.

Main results

Three skilled specialists working concurrently to achieve optimal agility and efficiency in time and resource management.

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