Data Engenieer Solution

Data Orchestration: Managing the Data flow

The case

Our client faced the daunting challenge of managing multiple ETL workflows on the Google Cloud Platform, each with disparate owners and no easy way to visualize the flow or pinpoint errors. The lack of alerts for failures led to significant time wastage in identifying the issues. In light of this, we recognized the pressing need to devise an easier and more intuitive method to manage and locate errors and embarked on developing a comprehensive solution.

The solution

Characterized by its efficiency and flexibility, our cutting-edge solution is developed on the robust and reliable Airflow open-source platform, which expertly manages ETL workflows. Our clients now can effortlessly visualize each process’s duration and monitor the responsible parties at each stage. Moreover, they can schedule automatic process runs after the completion of each step, as well as easily identify the most resource-intensive processes. This, in turn, empowers our clients to avert failures, streamline problem resolution, and ultimately optimize their data workflows to meet their unique business requirements.

Main results

Our innovative solution has proven to be a game-changer for our client, who added 21 new ETL workflows and six additional data sources to their system through Airflow. The advanced functionalities provided by these additions have allowed our client to exercise better control over dependencies and create customer attributes that enhance their CRM capabilities in diverse contexts. As a result, our client’s workflows are now more streamlined, with fewer errors and delays, leading to significantly improved efficiency and profitability.

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