Business Intelligence Solution

Finished Product Inventories: BI Solution for Identifying Production Balance

The case

To cultivate a data-driven culture, a major primary industry recognized the necessity of hiring proficient Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics experts to augment their existing BI teams and facilitate improvements in numerous areas. This was essential to ensure consistency and accuracy in the reporting and visualization of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which proved to be a complex challenge. Challenges included determining product balance, distinguishing sales from movements, and discerning what should be disregarded. Additionally, the lack of visibility into purchasing data and inadequate cost analysis in inventory management highlighted the urgency of automating reports, developing advanced dashboards, and conducting a thorough analysis of the Finished Product Inventory.

The solution

A comprehensive set of features was integrated into the application, comprising a single dataset and two dashboards that possess a uniform visual identity. A diverse range of analyses was conducted to evaluate Inventory Balance, including the evolution over time, in comparison with the established minimum threshold, capacity utilization, and average unit cost. Due to differing analysis requirements, the Inventory Balance was further divided into Bulk and Processed categories. The Inventory Turnover analysis encompassed the total consumption, average inventory, and replenishment time, while the Product Shipment was categorized based on the mode of transportation (land and sea) to the final customer, and the shipment of Bulk to Processed, which utilizes Coarse Salt as raw material for other products. 

Furthermore, Bulk and Processed Loss Analysis was conducted, encompassing the losses incurred in product structure (processed production), loading to the port, chemical salt production, and land transportation, with an estimated value based on the average unit cost. The Returns Analysis involved the assessment of product returns by customer, product, over time, and the return rate (%). The dashboards also featured various detailed tables that provided both managerial and operational information, thereby delivering comprehensive and easily accessible information about the purchasing sector to analysts, resolving any previous shortcomings that existed before the implementation of the solution.

Main results

The desired outcomes of the implemented solution are multifold, encompassing enhanced standardization and visibility into purchasing data, improved inventory management, and cost analysis, as well as augmented decision-making based on KPIs and reports. These results are expected to bring about a significant positive impact, propelling the organization towards greater efficiency and productivity while enabling them to make well-informed strategic decisions based on accurate and reliable data.

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