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Company Pricing Optimization

Customer’s problem

A credit provider was struggling to set prices for its thousands of products. Their competition had better prices for multiple products and it wasn’t easy to survey competitors’ prices.

Our solution

An AI-powered solution using web-scraping to collect competition data and set prices dynamically based on that.

Key results
43% Reduction in the price disparity
15x More speed in price inquiry
15k Products analyzed automatically
Key results
4 Unified data sources into a Data Lake
Data Warehouse with processed data
15 minutes between every new update

Customers Database

Customer’s problem

The company couldn’t have a complete view of its e-commerce sales due to data coming from 4 different sources: SAP, VTEX, Excel, and Google Analytics 4.

Our solution

We delivered a complete Data Lake, with all the historical data of the sources and photos of all the products, and a Data Warehouse unifying all processed data from all 4 sources within 15 minutes updating frequency.

Bestsellers optimization

Customer’s problem

The sales team of a large retail group that we serve needed to decide in a non-intuitive way which products to invest in for the next season.

Our solution

We developed an AI-powered solution to identify product features and predict the likelihood of each product being a bestseller through a sales forecasting algorithm.

Key results
50% Increase in purchase quality
Over USD 3.4M of better-allocated budget
Data-driven culture implemented

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