Business Intelligence Solution

Retail Business Intelligence: Franchisee Performance Analysis

The case

A leading ceramic product retail network operating over 150 franchises throughout Brazil was determined to streamline its sales operations management. Unfortunately, the absence of an integrated system for franchisee performance analysis presented a substantial obstacle. Decision-making was reliant on a sluggish and untrustworthy data consolidation process, with the executive board depending on manually updated Excel spreadsheets to formulate daily strategies. It was, therefore, crucial to gain a macro-level overview of the franchises, upgrading from spreadsheet analyses to user-friendly, corporate Business Intelligence platforms.

The solution

Our commercial dashboards offer an array of features, such as average ticket value, targets, product performance, and customer portfolio, all viewable at both franchisor and franchisee levels, with distinct views for each. Additionally, we assisted in implementing the application process across all stores nationwide, providing seamless integration for all locations. 

As a result of being directly integrated with the ERP, our application completely automates the updating of performance indicators, granting the executive board access to daily performance analysis on a single screen. This feature enables quicker and more informed decision-making, ultimately improving the bottom line for the entire retail network.

Main results

Beyond providing a faithful representation of the business, the application has paved the way for innovative collaboration with commercial partners. The integrated tool has also consolidated data from the retail network’s loyalty program, leading to a 5% increase in opportunities among registered loyalty program customers.

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