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Our e-book showcases Brazil’s IT outsourcing landscape and highlights its strengths, while also offering insights on how outsourcing to Brazilian companies can enhance your company’s cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Brazilian IT Outsourcing differentials

Experiencing a continuous process of industrialization, the Latin American country improves its technology every day and offers several differentials in its outsourcing services, mainly in the area of ​​information technology.

Skilled Labor

Brazilian professionals are highly connected to technological changes and have extraordinary creative skills that make them excellent specialists for outsourced work.

Affordable Prices

Outsourcing in Brazil offers significant cost savings of up to 30% in labor and 50% in indirect expenses, freeing up funds for business development.

Government Support

Since 2009, Brazil's market liberalization and labor law reforms spurred exponential growth in business outsourcing.

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Presenting an up-to-date view of Brazil and all its potential, the e-book “Latin America’s Silicon Valley: Why you should consider IT Outsourcing to Brazil” can be accessed from any device connected to the internet.

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