Our values ​​and culture drive growth through satisfied partnerships

We drive growth by thriving on challenges as your partner

Fuelled by challenges, our work lies in propelling your business forward with innovative, tailored solutions in data, AI, and software. Experience a seamless evolution with our comprehensive suite of advanced solutions, from custom software development to cutting-edge data engineering and business analytics.

Who are we

A new expansion, the same gratification in what we deliver

BIX Tech is a spin-off of BIX Tecnologia, a company founded in 2014. Growing exponentially over the years as a reference, the Brazilian organization has already delivered more than 800 projects using cutting-edge technology.

Having conquered international clients with demands for the development and consulting of technological projects, the company decided to expand to a new operation based in Coral Gables, Florida. 

Leading with Excellence

Testimonials from our leadership team


We partner with leading vendors for exceptional solutions

BIX Tech leverages technology to achieve client goals with precision

We aim to harness technology to enable people and companies to reach and realize their full potential.

OUR values
Our certificates

We have certifications that recognize our work

Why choose BIX Tech?

We offer staff augmentation and quality project development services that add value, as well as software development, data engineering, AI, analytics, BI, and nearshore solutions to meet your specific needs.

Synced time zone

Our calendar syncs with North American time zones for business hours meetings.

Perfomance & Results

Our focus is customer satisfaction and delivering ROI in early execution.


Our team adapts to meet your needs, whether open or closed scope.

Data Expertise

Power up your project with our skilled data team for lasting benefits.


Scale on demand with quick outsourced staffing.


At BIX Tech, we prioritize people and work with top talent.


We use top market tools

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