What is AI-based software development like?

AI-based software development is increasingly becoming the standard operating procedure for tech companies to preserve their competitive edge. AIs can develop solutions more efficiently and accurately than humans, making them better at providing what your app or website needs. AI-based software development will require unique skills but can be a valuable asset in your career path.

What exactly is AI-based software development and how will it change the industry?  Let’s take a look at what this emerging trend looks like.

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What is AI-based software development?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a powerful computer software that specializes in performing tasks that normally require human intelligence. For example, one of the most popular uses for AI is autonomous cars. A car with AI has sensors that allow it to identify if there are enough roads and space to turn, and it speeds up or slows down accordingly without any human intervention. Another common use of artificial intelligence is chatbots; most companies have chatbot tech available to answer simple questions like shipping information, order status updates, and more. The concept of AI is so widely used that it’s a common misconception that all tech companies use it. However, many apps and websites have basic AI functions to help increase efficiency and ease the burden on humans.

How will AI-based software development affect the industry?

Although AI-based software development is still in its infancy, it’s already having a major impact on the tech industry. First, it reduces costs when compared to traditional software development methods. According to Software Engineering Daily, “AI can eliminate some human-related jobs by enabling systems to perform complex tasks more efficiently and accurately than any man.” This data can be used to add tasks and automation to existing software and apps. It can then be used to reduce the number of humans required for the delivery of that service.

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AI-based software development also makes it easier for individuals and businesses to build their programs or apps without learning or hiring specialists. This lowers barriers to entry into the tech industry, encouraging more players in the same space. Instead of paying a large sum of money to one app developer, customers can produce results with a smaller budget as they’re able to automate tasks themselves. With such small barriers, many companies are even choosing AI over outsourcing when it comes to software production. In fact, according to ResearchBuzz, “42 percent of businesses with 50 employees or less are turning to artificial intelligence software as an alternative for tasks traditionally assigned to humans.


AI-based software development is an exciting technology that will positively affect the industry as a whole. By automating tasks and creating more efficient solutions, AI is a powerful way to enhance the customer experience. While it still requires growth and development, it’s on the right track to becoming the standard for tech companies moving forward. We’re excited to see this technology change! 

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