Why your company culture won’t be damaged by staff augmentation

It’s no secret to anyone that many companies worry that investing in staff growth will result in a lack of company culture. This is because when a company thinks about hiring outsourced workers, thoughts may arise about a possible imbalance in its organizational culture, but before discarding the idea of ​​outsourcing because of this hypothesis, think again.

You must know that the success of outsourcing, no matter what its goal is, will not depend on finding a new balance in your company culture.

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Ok, but why?

Because you are outsourcing a “job” only. When choosing to work with an outsourcing company, you do not risk changing the entire culture of your company. If you have outsourced software development tasks to save costs, this does not mean that your entire organization will now be software-oriented. If you decide to outsource customer service tasks, this does not mean that every employee of your company will now focus on it and forget about other responsibilities.

The reason for this is quite simple: hiring outsourcing staff does not change anything about the culture already established in your company. Outsourcing a job is like hiring a contractor to help you. You pay the contractor a fixed amount and tell him exactly what you want to be done. If he can do it better than you, he takes the job to himself, but if your company’s culture is already set in place, it will not change because of this.

You see that your company has a certain culture as you know it right now. You might have formed this culture for some specific reasons, like internal competition or any other reason. Outsourcing does not change how your staff relates to each other. It does not change the way they communicate with one another or how they care about their performance and respective rewards and punishments.

What can we highlight...

Staff augmentation will temporarily increase the number of employees through outsourcing and does not require an infusion of new people into your company. In addition to being able to contribute to the direction of outsourced workers, your current team can also help maintain your company’s values, vision, and organizational culture while performing the contracted work.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.

Besides, it is important to keep in mind that once the project is completed, the contract with a third party can be terminated or transferred to another project if it qualifies.

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