When does my company need AI services?

According to researchers from Stanford University and MIT, AI can increase workers’ productivity by up to 14%. Such data only reinforces that Artificial Intelligence proves to be an essential tool for companies aiming to excel in an increasingly competitive and data-driven market.

And those who think that only large corporations can embrace this technology are mistaken. Nowadays, companies of all sizes can benefit from AI services to boost growth – provided that the conditions are suitable for adopting this resource. Want to know exactly when a company needs AI services? Keep reading and learn from BIX!

Understanding AI and Data Science Services Needs

Before delving into the need for AI services, it’s essential to understand the context in which these projects fit.

A Data Science project is not just about implementing AI algorithms. It’s a process of optimizing business metrics based on data analysis and pattern identification to solve specific problems. In many cases, clients don’t have a defined scope for AI, and this is where the role of the data scientist comes in, aligning strategies with business objectives.

However, to be able to rely on AI and Data Science services as a whole, the company needs to have significant data maturity – both in terms of data infrastructure and understanding its strategic value. Let’s dive deeper into the subject.

4 Reasons Why Data Maturity is Essential in AI and Data Science Projects

As mentioned earlier, the level of data maturity is a key point for the realization or not of projects focused on Artificial Intelligence. Understand better below which factors are necessary to determine if your company is ready to hire AI services.

Data Quality

 Artificial Intelligence and Data Science as a whole are highly sensitive to data quality. If they are not treated correctly, inconsistent, or incomplete, AI models and analyses resulting from these data will be impaired.

Therefore, it is essential to first have a Data Engineering solution, as it is responsible for collecting, organizing, integrating, storing, and processing data. Thus, AI models will be trained with assertive and reliable data.

Data Availability and Access 

Following the same line of reasoning as the previous point, to train AI models and perform data analyses, it is essential to have access to a wide variety of relevant data.

Also, data-mature companies typically have a robust infrastructure for collecting, storing, and accessing data. Thus, it becomes easier to extract deeper insights and develop more accurate models.

Data Governance 

A data governance structure is essential to ensure that data is managed ethically, securely, and in compliance with regulations and internal policies such as LGPD. And this involves issues such as privacy, security, and regulatory compliance. In this sense, a data-mature company will have established policies and procedures to ensure the protection and proper use of its data.

Understanding the Strategic

Value of Data To make the most of AI and Data Science services, a company needs to understand the strategic value of its data. This involves identifying how data can be used to drive insights, innovation, and informed decision-making.

Why Choose BIX for AI Services?

With over 1,000 projects developed, BIX excels not only in AI services but also in end-to-end analytical solutions. If your organization lacks any of the mentioned capabilities, we ensure readiness for the next step. Specializing in Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, Data Science, and Software Development, we prioritize results, employing the best practices and tools available. To outshine your competition, reach out to our team by clicking the banner below!

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